The PetaLinux SDK

PetaLinux is a complete Embedded Linux SDK specifically targeting FPGA-based System-on-Chip designs. Containing everything you need to build, develop, test and deploy Embedded Linux on your next FPGA project, PetaLinux will help you achieve unparalleled productivity to maximise the time-to-market benefits of programmable logic and Embedded Linux.

Key features of PetaLinux include

Complete Linux kernel source
Complete userland source code including libraries and standard utilities
Root filesystem image builder
Reference designs for popular FPGA development boards
PetaLogix automated BSP generator to automatically target Linux systems to a particular custom hardware platform
Self-contained GCC cross-compiler toolchains including Linux standard C libraries
GDB cross-debugger and gdbserver target debug stub
Application and module generators

Supported platforms and architectures
The current PetaLinux release supports the MicroBlaze soft-CPU architecture from Xilinx.

Reference designs for the following boards are available:

Spartan3E500 and 3E1600

Board vendors – have your board added to this list by becoming a Petalogix Board Partner.

There are no per-unit or run-time royalties or licensing costs to deploy products developed using PetaLinux. For details, please refer to the PetaLinux License Agreement.