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Biometric Technology is Transforming Everyday Life

Biometric technology is transforming our daily lives by integrating seamlessly into security, accessibility, and convenience. As individuals increasingly seek ways to elevate their online presence, integrating biometric technology into service for social boosting offers a novel and secure avenue for achieving heightened visibility and engagement in the digital landscape. Biometric Tech at Your Fingertips Fingerprint recognition systems

Basic Computer Skills

In this video, you will learn about Basic Computer Skills.

Introduction to Computer Programming

Kinds of programming languages available including the machine level assembly, higher and middle level languages with their advantages and disadvantages. Learn the concept of computer programming and the kinds of programming languages

Basic Concepts of Programming

These are the 5 concepts of a programmer will be seen in this video. Related to topics like algorithms, programmer’s thinking process, pseudocode, syntax, coding environments, functions, classes & objects, object-oriented programming, pointers & references, variables, debugging, instructions and non-linear code execution.