Instagram Likes: How Can You Count It on Your IG Posts

Instagram Likes: How Can You Count It on Your IG Posts

Instagram Likes: How Can You Count It on Your IG Posts

Get it? Likes are Instagram’s lifeblood. However, confusion may arise due to the platform’s many modifications in recent years, such as the ability to hide likes for certain content and users. And with that, I’ll give you the brief breakdown on how to see Instagram likes, both the ones you can count and the ones you can’t.

In Instagram: What are Likes?

We’ve all grown accustomed to using likes as a response to something we enjoy and as a marketing tool to monitor interaction. Whether or not it is an accurate indicator is debatable, but as marketers, content providers, and business owners, we must utilize it to gauge the impact of our content thus enhancing social media advertising. Because of this, the decision by Instagram to disable likes (or, more accurately, like counts, since likes have never been disabled) a few years ago appeared to be an odd (to use an inadequate term) move.

Since it’s a game of numbers, why would you wish to conceal it? Also, for reasonable reasons, they allegedly wished to limit the purchase of likes. There will be less of a need to purchase likes once their quantity is less significant (since, really, Instagram’s free likes are much better, don’t you think?). Not only are they free, but purchasing likes could actually decrease engagement, so it’s best to avoid them if you can.

Is it Possible to See How Many People Like Your Instagram Posts?

At this time, you have the option to conceal the amount of likes on your material if you so desire. Viewers will be able to see that your material has received likes, but they will not be able to see the actual count. I can think of a few reasons why you would want to do that, including:

  • Covering up poor involvement
  • Motivating viewers to care more about the quality of the content than its popularity

As a business or creator, you should prioritize the content and other types of engagement, including as comments and shares, over the quantity of likes, which is frequently seen as a vanity statistic.

However, aside from counts of IG likes, your IG account followers can also be checked using an Instagram follower count checker.

The Instagram Likes View Process

Instagram likes (or the like count) can be viewed in a few different ways.

View Likes on Instagram Directly

You may do this by looking at the number of likes a post has right underneath it, or by navigating to the Insights section of your account settings and viewing the interactions with your content there. Under the Insights section you can examine an overview of your engagement as well as engagement for individual posts. Yes, a little bit longer.

Use a Third-Party Social Media Analytics App to View Likes

A comprehensive analysis of your posts’ engagement, including the quantity of Instagram likes, may be seen there:

To keep tabs on the evolution of engagement, you may convert the analytics breakdown into a report that is sent out once or twice a month. And set it up so it sends an automated email to your account.